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[LEGAL DRUGS] Real Pain Pills you can buy online

Is there a new Legal Percocet Pain Pill that you can buy online?

What does percocet do to you?



Percocet is a controlled substance issued for pain management. Most users describe the effects as loopy, dizzy, and of a sedative nature.  Tolerance and effectiveness depend upon body mass and genetics.  In other words: some people notice more effects than others, however, most users notice considerable pain relief.  Many people describe the experience as slightly intoxicating.  People using Percocet recreationally are generally more socially engaged and chatty. Users will notice a decrease in happiness when the nausea kicks in, however, in low to moderate recreational can be pleasant.  Overdosing is extremely dangerous and generally ill-advised.

As a pain killer, percocet, much like dilaudid or morphine, works wonders and is an industry standard for pharmaceutical-grade pain relief.

What about for us who need an Over the counter high that isn't a controlled substance?



Percocet (narcotic) is a controlled substance which makes it much harder to obtain.  Many people would benefit from the use of an over the counter pain pill; Percocet would make for a great choice.  However, since that isn't going to happen, people have been forced to look for other, herbal, natural pain relief solutions.  Since a patient can only obtain Percocet from a certified medical official, there is a need for a legal orc pain medicine that actually works. Or, in a sense: legal pain pills.  So many patients who are at risk for addiction, or cannot obtain enough prescribed pain medicine, need to find a legal pain pill alternative.

There is a natural, legal pain pill that can help



The answer is a legal, natural herbal extraction from a plant found in tropical regions of the world. The plant has been getting a little bit of a bad rap, due to kids abusing it or people not understanding how to properly use it. Nevertheless, Kratom still holds the safe psychoactive properties necessary to produce the real pain relief people need. We're talking about Kratom, or "Mitragyna Speciosa" extractions.  It is important that it is extracted, otherwise, the quantities necessary to feel the proper effects will be overwhelming.  Kratom is a miracle drug because it is safe, legal, reasonable in cost, and an effective solution to real pain relief problems.

The most important thing to remember, is to use the Kratom the right way



The best way to use Kratom is to eat it.  Lots of people like to mix it in with fruit juice and drink it, however, the quickest most effective delivery method is known as "toss and washing," where the user will pour roughly .5 gram or 1 gram of Kratom extract powder into the palm, and toss it into the mouth followed by a couple gulps of water or fruit juice.  It is advisable to avoid using anything carbonated to wash, as the carbonation will make it very difficult and uncomfortable to swallow the Kratom.  Due to the powerful analgesic properties the Kratom holds, actual numbness of the mouth and tongue may occur (generally reported pleasant).  The proper amount of Kratom to ingest differs from user to user, however, it is generally advised that a 5'7" male weighing 150 lbs would want to ingest 3-4 grams within a 30-50 minute period for most effective results.  Some people prefer to ingest more to induce more pain relief, while others prefer less over the course of time which will build a much stronger opium-like high.  

Probably the most important piece of advice would be to find a trustworthy vendor or supplier of an effective product. 

[Mixing Drugs] Is your marijuana tolerance way too high?

Is your marijuana tolerance too high for your own good?



Is it safe to mix other drugs with your marijuana habit?  Well, legally, I have to disclaim right here and now that I am not a doctor. However, I am a marijuana advocate and, SWIM, smokes marijuana everyday around here.  That said, I would like to discuss mixing drugs with your marijuana. Particularly, there is a new drug which when mixed with the experience of smoking green, provides an entirely NEW experience which will blow your mind.




Some people actually smoke Kratom, mixed in with their joints. The high is described as an “extreme opium high, with couch lock, and pretty narly.”  Basically, when one would be rolling a joint of marijuana, they would literally lace into the joint powered, micronized Kratom extract powder. It’s important that the powder is entirely pure, with no other ingredients.  The effects of smoking Kratom will be much different than eating Kratom.  Kratom is a prime drug people like to mix with their smoking habits because the “Percocet” like effects that you get from the Kratom compliments the ganja’s highs beautifully.

Another amazing drug to mix with your puff-puff-sessions, would be Chillinex.  Chillinex is a drug formula that combines a lot of legal highs, but all of them are organic extracts from plants and herbs around tropical regions of the world.  The idea of combining all these safe drugs together, to create one SUPER HIGH, is actually logical.  You see, the different ingredients into Chillinex, are all very good at separately providing the user with similar, but very different chilled out highs. Marijuana also provides chilled out highs.  The drugs just go together very well. 

A lot of people like to combine their legal narcotics, legal prescription pain killers, anxiety pills such as Xanax, and other drugs with their weed smoking…however, these are not all natural. These are synthesized chemicals and synthesized ingredients.  It is much safer to mix with the drugs that come from the Earth in herb, root, or other plant form.  Go with Chillinex or get some Kratom from a professional quality source you trust.  Mixing organic drugs with other organic drugs is the smarter way to mix!






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