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[New Drug] 100% LEGAL, & safe alternative to SPICE?

Is there a New, 100% Legal and SAFE alternative to Spice out there?


Is there any legal alternative to herbal incense out there that’s safe to smoke and won’t show up on a drug test? You bet! Since all of these head shops selling herbal incense have been getting busted left and right around the United States…a new drug is emerging in it’s place.  It’s legal in most areas (minus a couple states and a few countries worldwide) and it doesn’t show up on nearly all drug tests. It’s affordable, can be bought over the counter at the head shop or online in stores around the internet.

The drug is called “Chillinex.”  Chillinex is a genius hybrid of a few different organic extracts of plants which are commonly used in religious and cultural ceremonies around the world (particularly in tropical regions where the plants are indigenous).  The drug is basically like a legal Percocet. It seems that the way it works, after you take a few pills, the formula breaks down and safely interacts with human opioid receptors.  It provides the entire body a numbing effect, relaxes most muscular pains and then leaves the user feeling socially excitable.  Some people are using it to increase sex drive and allow them to last a lot longer in bed.  Similar uses include the group of muscle-heads using the product as a work-out-extender…as it reportedly gives you a lot more energy to get through the final reps. 

The best part, you can actually buy this drug online, with a credit card, discreetly having it show up to your doorstep. Think about it, over the counter pain pills you can order on the internet...from anywhere in the world.

Certainly I would call Chillinex effective and it totally lives up to its name.  I highly recommend Chillinex to anyone considering an alternative to SPICE or HERBAL POTPOURRI.  That stuff will kill you…and this is something natural and easy to get online. 

Here are some of the benefits from using Chillinex, as opposed to spice:

  • Your teeth will not yellow – as you do not smoke Chillinex, you eat it. Spice users commonly get yellow teeth from the constant need to smoke (as you may be aware, smoking spice causes an unimaginable addiction which causes the user to even wake up merely to smoke to be able to go back to sleep, in the middle of the night).
  • You will be able to sleep. Chillinex will help you sleep if that is your objective and give you relaxed body-tingling highs you cannot get elsewhere, without a prescription.  You will not have to wake up at night just to smoke your herbal incense.  You will not be up for days without sleep because the spice is like the crack!  Chillinex is not addictive.
  • People will like you more at parties and other social events. Your family won’t hate you when you take Chillinex. But when you do spice, usually, everyone who does NOT ALSO do spice, hates you, hates to be around you and hates your spice habit. 
  • Chillinex is discreet. No one can tell you’re doing it, unlike spice, which stinks up your clothes and makes your breath smell. You won’t be COUGHING everywhere you go because you constantly smoke spice.
  • One dose lasts hours. Instead of your spice high which lasts 5, 10 or 15 minutes.
  • You won’t have to PUKE everyday until you smoke your spice. This drug, will not require you eating it within any time at all, to avoid vomiting.  Users on spice usually vomit to the point where they are only vomiting green or yellow stomach acid (bile). It’s disgusting and painful and it feels like you are dying.
  • You will be healthy. Millions of people worldwide do the drugs that go into making Chillinex everyday as regular pain killers or muscle relaxers, without any health complications.

Chillinex will provide numbing, pain killing, muscle relaxing, social stimulating, energizing effects that you want, without the negative effects users frequent with herbal incense.


[Drug report] IceyPhrene


Not only does it not show up on drug tests, but you will love the effects. I am a daily user right now, and I am definitely enjoying the high.  You can find a discounted order page made just for us by visiting the link below. Here you can attain it for as low as 12.70 per pack! That's the WHOLESALE PRICE if you were a MERCHANT or a STORE.  : )  That is an AWESOME savings.  Thank you Brewed By BROS!

To purchase said drug, you can take advantage of a promotional deal for the SPRING of 2014 here:

ICEYPHRENE: 12.70 per 4g pack for a KICK ASS TIME!

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